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Let New Adventures Begin

A “For Sale” sign is sitting on our front lawn.


I’ve lived in the Washington, D.C. area since I was a senior in college.

That was a long time ago.

I came here — like many others — for an internship on Capitol Hill.

And, I was smitten.

What better place to live for someone with a love of journalism, politics, and people?

When I got off the plane at National Airport, I watched for a woman named Claire holding a sign that said “Garn.”

Garn–  U.S. Senator Jake Garn from Utah — my new boss.

I had no idea then, at age 22, how that one summer on Capitol Hill would change the course of my life.

Coming from the dry climate of Utah, I felt like I’d entered a steamy sauna when I stepped out of the airport into the humid subtropical climate of Washington, D.C.

That was just the beginning of the changes I would experience.

Claire drove me to the U.S. Capitol, where, believe it or not, we drove right up to the front steps.

No security barriers needed then.

I got out and tipped my head back to take in the grandeur of that magnificent, historic building.


“This is where you’ll be working. This is where it all happens,” she said.

Pinch me now, I thought.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

What did I ever do to deserve such a privilege?

All I knew is that I would work hard every minute of every day to be worthy of it.

From that moment on, I’ve never wanted to live anywhere else.

So, how did this “For Sale” sign end up on my lawn?

I wish I had a clear and concise answer to that question.

All I know is that one minute I was telling Doug I’d never leave here, and the next we were talking to a realtor, preparing to leave.

We thought we would live and die here, and be buried in the quaint little cemetery up the street.

Until one day, that vision of our future changed.

It was like we were used to looking into a kaleidoscope at something clear and beautiful and compelling.

Because we liked what we saw, we never bothered to twist the cylinder and see the many other beautiful patterns that could be created.

Then, one day, for reasons we still don’t understand, we decided to twist the cylinder ever so slightly.

What we discovered was that all the bits of glass gently realigned, presenting a whole new pattern, and a reflection of light we’d never imagined.

Since we missed the old pattern, we kept twisting the cylinder, trying to get back to the one we knew so well — the one that felt most comfortable to us.

But it wasn’t there anymore. The beads, pebbles, and bits of glass were all different.

So we decided to examine the new reflection a little more carefully.

And, that’s how we ended up with a “For Sale” sign in our yard.

So, call us crazy, but if our house sells, we’re packing up our pioneer carts and trekking back across the plains to live in the high desert of Utah.

Oh, there have been tears — lots of them — and there will be many more, I’m sure.

How can you leave a place you love so dearly and not be sad?

Like Winnie the Pooh said, “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?”

We’ve debated this move endlessly for months because it’s not just leaving a place that is our home, it’s leaving friends that are our family.

I’ve always loved the comforting counsel of  Gordon B. Hinckley. His words have led me through many transitions in life.

So, I’m trusting his words again: “Those who move forward with a HAPPY SPIRIT will find that things will always work out.”

I’m counting on that.

Maybe it will be like our friend Brian said — “Oh, everything will work out. You’ll love it. You’ll enjoy being with your family, and having a new adventure. Then, you’ll get it out of your system, and come back.”


But for now, there is a “For Sale” sign in our yard, and our lives could be turned upside down any minute.

Or, like one friend said, “Maybe your lives will be turned right side up.”

Yeah, let’s go with that for now…

Whatever happens, it will be an adventure.

So, we will work on our happy spirits, and look forward to new adventures.

In the meantime, anybody interested in a great house?










8 thoughts on “Let New Adventures Begin”

  1. Gosh how I wish this was the year we were buying. We just bought a new house this time last year. I love the Herndon ward. ❤ I cherish the memories of our times at Sport and Health classes and getting to know you and your sweet family, during our time in the Herndon ward. You have always been such an inspiration to me. Even now, as you right a blog post about your new adventures, I have been facing some difficult things in my own personal life, and your words of wisdom in your beautifully written script, bring me comfort. Amazing how words can mean something so important to two people facing two totally different circumstances. I love you, Doug, and your girls so much. Thank goodness I can still get my doses of your spirit your blog! XO

    1. Bekah,
      Now you make me want to know what is going on with you! I have so many good memories of you and your family too We had fun at Worldgate and I still miss you as my workout partner. I need someone like you to challenge me. We love you and wish you the best in your next steps.

  2. I love this post! We’re getting ready for a move later this summer, it wasn’t really in the cards until about 6 months ago when my husband got a job offer from a different university. It just felt right – I love what your friend said about turning life right side up. I kind of feel like that’s how it will be for us. We’ll be closer to all of my family (but further still from all of my husband’s) but the other thing I keep thinking is that in the short time we’ve been in our current city, we haven’t felt very settled at all. So moving kind of makes sense for us, even though with 4 kids it is seriously crazy trying to keep our house clean for showings. 🙂 Good luck with selling your house, that’s what we have left here, and good luck on your next adventures!

    1. Good luck Stacey! Your mom and dad will be so happy to have you close. Changes are hard and we have to have faith every step of the way. And, I hear you about keeping the house clean — and we don’t even have kids. Every crumb seems to scream at me to clean it up. Good luck to you! We will see what life brings next, right?

  3. Laurie! Bruce and I just moved back to ParkCity. Come and join us here!! Move to the mountains!

  4. Laurie, though we’ve only been able to chat a few times at institute, I’ve always loved the warth and energy you exude, and your kindness towards all around you. I’ve admired your work in the service of our church and community, and been inspired by your example. You will be missed by many. Good luck in your new adventures, and keep us all posted on how things go. Xoxo, Jennifer Kambourian (Oak Marr ward)

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I will miss our wonderful Oakton stake and I have wondered if they will have institute wherever we end up! I hope so. I will miss that so much, and all the wonderful people there. You are a sweetheart and I appreciate your kind words about my church service. It has been such an honor to be involved in the Church here!

  5. Laurie
    I’m so sad to see you and Doug go. Even though I don’t see you often enough, it’s a comfort to know such kind, good folks live a short drive away. Your amazing kaleidoscope analogy spoke to me too though and helped me in my struggles with change. Let’s get together soon, k?! Xo

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