Old Friends New Friends

These two...

One of our friends recently visited from Virginia and said, "I have to admit we're feeling a little abandoned. It's like you're so happy here that you've forgotten all of us at home in Virginia." Oh, no. That, my friends, is not true. Never, ever will we forget you, and never will you be replaced. While life in Utah is good so far, I've definitely been homesick for old friends. (If you've been a follower of my blog, you've read several other posts on how I value my friends. Here, here and … [Read more...]

Welcome Home

Several years ago, I interviewed Jeanne Marie Laskas, a columnist for The Washington Post Magazine, who wrote the weekly column Significant Others. I asked her how she came up with a column topic every week for over 14 years. She said her ideas came from thinking about what moved or touched her that week. I often ask myself the same question when trying to come up with a blog topic. What has caused an emotional reaction in me? The answer to that question came instantly this morning  -- the … [Read more...]

The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things


Until a few weeks ago, a sign hung above our kitchen sink that said, "The best things in life aren't things." Never has that felt more true. At night, instead of sleeping lately, I worried about our cross-country move and  all our things -- what to toss, keep, or give away. It's an endless process. Just when I thought we'd tossed, packed or given away everything possible, we'd open a drawer or a closet, and find more things. Packing or saying goodbye to our things was the easy part. Saying … [Read more...]


change road

Brace yourself for a deeply profound blog on this beautiful summer day. It's about change and taking new roads. Change is hard. Did you catch that deeply profound, entirely original statement of truth?  Here it is again in case you need a minute to process it: Change. Is. Hard. We think we want change. We want things to be better, different, more exciting, less routine. We think we are ready for a new path. Bring it on, we say, mustering all of our courage. And, then when it comes, we … [Read more...]

Does God Blink?

steve harvey

I recently picked up a book called, "God Never Blinks" by Regina Brett. She said it took her 40 years to find and hold on to happiness. Before that, happiness eluded her. She said, "I always felt that at the moment I was born, God must have blinked. He missed the occasion and never knew I had arrived." I've never felt like He blinked and missed my entire existence, but at times, I confess to feeling like I'm dialing His holy number, and He's too busy to take my call. I know I'm not alone … [Read more...]