A collection of personal essays and memoir pieces

Stuck in a Tree

For years, I’ve searched for a tiny newspaper article about an overconfident little girl who accepted a dare to scamper up a tree to see who could climb the highest. That little girl was me in sixth grade, and while I climbed the highest, I got stuck in a fork in the tree and couldn’t… Continue reading Stuck in a Tree

We all need a Shelia!

I had a sweet experience last week visiting my mom’s friend and neighbor, Shelia, who was my mom’s walking partner for over 30 years. Now, I’ve had some good walking partners but never one with that kind of consistency or longevity. Thirty years of walks five days a week is remarkable — especially with someone… Continue reading We all need a Shelia!

Aging Mindfully

While walking with my friend Keri last weekend, I told her I’m struggling to accept the fact that I’m getting old. “We’re not old,” she said. “We’re sixty-three and that is not that old.” The key phrase that jumped out at me was “that old.” Old, yes, but not “that old.” I told her I’m… Continue reading Aging Mindfully