A collection of personal essays and memoir pieces

#dctemple #comeandsee

If you haven’t made plans to visit the Washington D.C. Temple, now is the time to do it. Doug and I were part of a large volunteer corps for the invited guests’ tours a couple of weeks ago. After spending many years in the D.C. area as a Church public affairs director focused on building… Continue reading #dctemple #comeandsee

Finding Peace

I read a short essay by Camilla Packer titled “Homemaking is Peace.” While reading it, I felt like I was wrapping myself in a soft, soothing blanket. During a time of such world turmoil, it was exactly what I needed. She wrote: To me, homemaking is all about peace. Every fresh towel, every pair of… Continue reading Finding Peace

Marriage Retreat Wisdom

To celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary, Doug and I attended a marriage retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Since it’s almost February, the month of love, I’m going to do you all the favor of sharing some of what we learned. Matt Townsend, a popular relationship, and life coach from Utah was the instructor, and he… Continue reading Marriage Retreat Wisdom

Stuck in a Tree

For years, I’ve searched for a tiny newspaper article about an overconfident little girl who accepted a dare to scamper up a tree to see who could climb the highest. That little girl was me in sixth grade, and while I climbed the highest, I got stuck in a fork in the tree and couldn’t… Continue reading Stuck in a Tree