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Not Just Any Old Table

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog about gratitude. I wrote that I was grateful for my kitchen table. Yes, I know that’s an unusual thing to praise and honor but I love my kitchen table. What is it about a simple functional piece of furniture that makes me so grateful for it?… Continue reading Not Just Any Old Table

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The Parable of the Irises

(This blog was written during COVID and someone forgot to post it. It still applies today!) Once upon a time, there was an old lady -- 62 at the time to be precise. She didn't live in a shoe, but she should have. During the pandemic months of 2020, she decided to take on an… Continue reading The Parable of the Irises


Finding Peace

I read a short essay by Camilla Packer titled "Homemaking is Peace." While reading it, I felt like I was wrapping myself in a soft, soothing blanket. During a time of such world turmoil, it was exactly what I needed. She wrote: To me, homemaking is all about peace. Every fresh towel, every pair of… Continue reading Finding Peace