Finding Peace

I read a short essay by Camilla Packer titled “Homemaking is Peace.”

While reading it, I felt like I was wrapping myself in a soft, soothing blanket.

During a time of such world turmoil, it was exactly what I needed.

She wrote:

To me, homemaking is all about peace. Every fresh towel, every pair of folded socks, every clean spoon in the drawer, every ingredient in the fridge, every child soothed, adds peace to life.

And when someone avoids stepping in crumbs with their bare feet because the floor has been swept, that’s peace, too.

Homemaking is not a paid job, and it is not done for praise or even appreciation, but peace is the reward. In a world where peace is in very short supply, I’ve found that the reward of peace is more than enough.

I believe everyone is a homemaker, regardless of age, gender, family circumstances or employment status. When we add peace to our life, or someone else’s life, that is homemaking.

We don’t need to be perfect at it or compare ourselves to others. We just need to remember that simple, humble tasks done in love really matter.

My greatest goal in life is to have peace in my heart and in my home. And so, I am grateful to be a homemaker.

Thank you, KSL Studio 5 for sharing this essay and the photos on Instagram

Like this writer, sometimes, when I feel heartbroken and helpless, I try to think smaller and focus on the little things that can bring me peace.

I’ve talked to friends lately who cannot pull themselves away from the news. They watch or read the news day and night.

It has robbed them of peace of mind.

They believe if they turn it off, it means they don’t care.

It’s like my mom who equated love with worrying.

They are not the same thing.

Information overload does not equal caring and worrying doesn’t equal compassion. Unfortunately, information and worrying also don’t rescue those who are suffering.

I’ve decided I’d rather be less informed and more at peace. That doesn’t mean I never watch the news or that I don’t often get immersed in one story after another.

It means that when I start to feel stirred up, helpless, or afraid, I silence my phone, leave it in the other room, turn off the TV, and listen to calming music. I pray, read comforting scriptures, go outside, cook, talk to friends, exercise, write a blog, or wipe out the tiny crumbs that mysteriously keep finding their way into my utensil drawer.

I don’t think it’s selfish to retreat sometimes. I think it’s healthy self-preservation.

While we all want world peace right now, maybe we need to focus on finding and holding onto personal peace.

Like the old song goes, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”

4 thoughts on “Finding Peace”

  1. Oh Sweet Laurie, I love what you have shared and I appreciate, admire and dearly love you 💝 SOOOO Perfectly Shared 💝
    While we all want world peace right now, maybe we need to focus on finding and holding onto personal peace. Like the old song goes, “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”

  2. This echos my heart and always has. My home, a chat with a friend, my quiet chores to order life give me time to reflect on the giver of peace.
    Where can I turn for peace? Kneeling, studying, caring, cleaning, reflecting, thanking, and reading your beautiful words! Love you dear friend!

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