Finding Perspective

I’m not sure whether this blog is about the power of perspective or the need for remembering.

Maybe it’s both.

I stumbled upon a blog entry I wrote May 28, 2007 that reminded me of some lessons I thought I’d never forget.


The result is a refreshed attitude with a heavy dose of gratitude.

2007 was the year I was recovering from cancer — the year I swore I’d never forget what I learned.

Among some of my lessons:

  • Don’t complain about bad hair days because, HELLO, I have hair.
  • Don’t complain about wrinkles, freckles and sunburns. They are all better than thick, jaundiced, tender-to-the-touch skin.
  • Oh, and the weight. Don’t complain about that either because at least I’m not puffed up on steroids, looking like the Good Year Blimp ready to soar over Yankee Stadium.
  • And, aging. Really, I’m complaining about aging? Aging means I’m alive! I’m getting older. I’m living. Living is a glorious thing.
This was taken when my hair had grown enough for me to lose the wig! What a great day.


So, here’s the journal entry that brought me to my senses:


“The most important thing to write is that I feel good! I am so happy to be a healthy person again. I love my hair — even though there isn’t much of it. It feels soft and luxurious on my head. I am thrilled every morning to shampoo it and feel it’s soft growth under my fingers. My eyebrows and eyelashes are equally as beautiful.

“I have so much energy I am wearing myself out. I have missed being me! I am thoroughly enjoying stepping back into my go-go-do-do life.”

This whole moving-to-Utah experience has left me feeling a little unorganized — so many boxes to unload, so many drawers and closets to fill. Sometimes it feels draining and I just want to feel settled. This little gem helped:

“I have felt a strong need to organize my house — room by room and drawer by drawer. I started small with my linen closet. Then, moved on to my jewelry box, then the bedrooms and bathrooms. I think I need to feel some control again. I’ve hated having no control over my life. Cancer took that away. So being able to clean and organize my house is such a gift.

“I’ve gone nuts reorganizing my house, and I love it. I am enjoying living again. The further away I get from chemo, the better and happier I feel. I’m amazed at how truly sick I’ve been, and how deeply I was entrenched in the chemo fog. It is so liberating to be done with it all.”

How is it that we forget these poignant life lessons?

I had to reminded of the pure joy of feeling like myself again, reorganizing my jewelry box, and feeling hair on my head. Such small things, but so full of meaning for me.

race 2

What life lessons do you need to remember?


5 thoughts on “Finding Perspective”

  1. Didn’t realize you went through all this trauma, Laurie. I’m so grateful you are still here! See you Friday.

  2. Oh the memories and tears this brought. God is good! He is a God of miracles. Let us never forget that we can do hard things WITH HIM and the help of some great girlfriends!

  3. I’m looking forward to that cancer survivor feeling for Bruce. It’s been rough, but has brought an eternal perspective and greater appreciation for life. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. You will get there and it will be the best day of your life. When you push away that chemo cart, you’ll be amazed at the relief and gratitude! Good luck to both of you as you continue on this rough journey.

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