More From the Homefront…

Last week, the news from my brother's house was the bootleg whiskey. Apparently, from Kelly's research, he believes the whiskey was aged in a barrel because charred oak barrels produce deeper colored whiskey. That explains the color that makes it look like, well, apple cider vinegar. I told Kelly's wife, Paula, that I could write a blog about Kelly every day because he is so entertaining. "Do you think he would care?" I asked. "How would he know?" She asked. "He doesn't read your … [Read more...]

My Mom, the Bootlegger

Last week before my mom flew home to Utah after spending nearly two weeks visiting me in Virginia, my brother called her and said, “Hey, before you come home, I want you to track me down some of that Virginia moonshine whiskey I’ve been learning about on TV.” “What moonshine whiskey?” she wanted to know. He explained that it was a hooch made in Virginia and sold in Mason jars. “Do you want me to end up in jail?” she asked. “They’d confiscate that at the airport and send me to jail. … [Read more...]

Day to Serve and The Snowball Effect

Last January, I received a new church public affairs assignment. One of our first decisions was to encourage the members of our church to dedicate a day to serve. We explored the various needs in our communities. After reviewing some startling hunger statistics, we decided to focus on the needs of those who are considered "food insecure." One in four Americans don't know where their next meal will come from. 11.8 percent of people  in Virginia, one in six people in Maryland, a … [Read more...]