Love Illuminated

Daniel Jones, the editor of the New York Times' Modern Love column has read about 50,000 essays on love, and written a book  called Love Illuminated -- Exploring Life's Most Mystifying Subject about what he's learned. When Jones talked to Katie Couric about the book, she said she thinks if you want to find someone, you need to put out an APB to everyone you know. The hazard in doing that, according to Jones, is that you have to know what you want before you send out that APB or it won't make … [Read more...]

How Do I Love Thee?

Let me start by confessing that I am not the most romantic woman in the world. When Sara was a little girl, she called me “pathetic” because I couldn’t think of anything romantic to give Doug for Valentines. I guess she thought my red toolbox didn't cut it. I am a practical gift giver. I try to be a frivolous giver but it’s just not in my personality. Sometimes I say, “Let’s not give each other Valentines this year. We know we love each other.” I say that to save me the … [Read more...]

Judger vs. Perceiver

When Doug and I were dating he was doing a lot of professional work involving the Myers Briggs personality type test -- a test that determines your personality preferences. … [Read more...] — Finding What You Weren’t Even Looking For

Today, one of my friends told me she decided to try After a recent divorce, she wanted companionship. More than that though, after growing up with an unkind dad and then marrying an emotionally distant man, she wanted to find out if there are nice guys in the world. She was worried that I have the only one. My sister, niece, and several other friends wonder the same thing. My sister always asks, "Where's my Doug?" I wish I knew where to find more Dougs so that I could … [Read more...]