Perspective — the first gift of the sea

Before we left home for our trek to the beach, I wondered if I could leave all my duties and responsibilities undone for a week.A miraculous thing always happens when we arrive in Avon, North Carolina.My memory gets wiped clean.I can't remember what I had to do that was so important it couldn't wait.As I sit on the deck, mesmerized by the ocean, I try to remember.What were those things I thought I couldn't leave undone?Perspective is one of the gifts of the sea, I think. The first book I brought … [Read more...]

Left in the Dark

On Saturday afternoon I sat alone in our house surrounded by an eerie, totally unfamiliar kind of quiet. The only sound I heard was Nikki breathing as he sat near my feet. No hum of computers, no fans or air conditioning, music or television, no ringing phones or ice plinking into the freezer bin. No microwave beeps, no doorbell, and no air moving anywhere. A surprise storm blew through Northern Virginia Friday night that brought at least 80 mph winds, lightening, thunder, and a deluge … [Read more...]