A Visit to the Beauty Shop

When I was growing up, my mom went to the "beauty shop" every week to get her "hair done." That meant she went to Beth's, the neighborhood salon, and Beth shampooed, conditioned and towel-dried her hair. Then, she wrapped her wet hair around rollers, and sat her in a chair under a hooded hair dryer. Think Truvy in Steel Magnolias.   After sitting under the hair dryer, probably reading a romance novel, Beth styled mom's hair and sprayed enough hair spray on it to last for the next … [Read more...]

August Means Missing My Grandma

Every August, my late-Grandma Larsen organized a family reunion at Kelly’s Grove in Hobble Creek canyon .  Every year was the same -- bring a family picnic lunch, a dish to share, and a lawn chair; then, plan to spend the afternoon visiting. When we were kids, we quickly ate our lunches and then played in the ice-cold creek, where we also put our watermelons to keep them cold. We played in the outdoor amphitheater, hiked on the trails and played softball. Grandma always made Lady Betty … [Read more...]