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Becoming the Schmaltz Family

A friend recently told me my life looked like Steve Martin’s role in Father of the Bride II when Martin’s character, George Banks, was trying to take care of his wife and daughter who were pregnant at the same time. They both went into labor and were in the hospital at the same time. He… Continue reading Becoming the Schmaltz Family


A Hallmark Christmas in the Making

Our early December in Avon, North Carolina has had the charm of a Hallmark Christmas movie. There are a few exceptions, of course. ...We didn't end up here accidentally. ....We're not snowed in or trapped here by inclement weather.  ...We didn't start out hating Christmas or each other. ...We aren't estranged from anyone. But it… Continue reading A Hallmark Christmas in the Making

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Welcome Home

Several years ago, I interviewed Jeanne Marie Laskas, a columnist for The Washington Post Magazine, who wrote the weekly column called Significant Others. I asked her how she came up with a column topic every week for over 14 years. She said her ideas came from thinking about what moved or touched her that week. I often… Continue reading Welcome Home

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Cancer Graduation Day

It finally came. The day I've been looking forward to for 10 years. I went to see my oncologist yesterday and she said, "Congratulations. You have graduated from oncology." Oncology -- the study and treatment of tumors. The field of medicine that is devoted to cancer. About a month ago I went to the breast… Continue reading Cancer Graduation Day