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Regrets and Do-Overs

While in Utah visiting my family, my sister and I got into a conversation about regrets. What do I regret? What kinds of things would I do differently if I had a few do-overs? Do I regret filling yards of surgical tubing with water and spraying an apartment full of poker-playing boys in college? No.… Continue reading Regrets and Do-Overs


Forget Perfection

I'm starting to feel like someone is spying on me, noticing how hard I can be on myself for falling short in one area or another because targeted messages on the dangers of perfectionism seem to be coming at me from every angle.¬† It's like when I send emails, search a particular topic on the… Continue reading Forget Perfection

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Hurricane Sandy and Losing Control

I like to believe I am a calm, controlled kind of woman. So when I heard about the storm of the century heading our way, Doug and I took all the necessary precautions. We filled the tub with water, charged up our battery-powered lights, moved all of our deck furniture, brought in all the pumpkins… Continue reading Hurricane Sandy and Losing Control

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Political Blogging? Not here.

A longtime friend of mine has asked me to blog about politics. No thanks, I don't blog about politics, I tell him. He persists, claiming that since I have been a politically involved person, people want to know what I think. I disagree. If I blog about politics, I open the door for an entirely different… Continue reading Political Blogging? Not here.