Regrets and Do-Overs

While in Utah visiting my family, my sister and I got into a conversation about regrets. What do I regret? What kinds of things would I do differently if I had a few do-overs? Do I regret filling yards of surgical tubing with water and spraying an apartment full of poker-playing boys in college? No. Do I regret filling up my first semester of college with classes like trampoline, tennis and dance? Or making a spontaneous decision at 9 p.m. at night to load my car with college … [Read more...]

Forget Perfection

I'm starting to feel like someone is spying on me, noticing how hard I can be on myself for falling short in one area or another because targeted messages on the dangers of perfectionism seem to be coming at me from every angle.  It's like when I send emails, search a particular topic on the internet or buy something online, and then suddenly I get Google and Facebook ads related to those exact topics. I hate being watched and monitored so closely. In Church, we talked about perfection and … [Read more...]

Hurricane Sandy and Losing Control

I like to believe I am a calm, controlled kind of woman. So when I heard about the storm of the century heading our way, Doug and I took all the necessary precautions. We filled the tub with water, charged up our battery-powered lights, moved all of our deck furniture, brought in all the pumpkins and Halloween decorations, made a pot of soup, did all the laundry and checked bits of advice of preparations lists. Then, we waited. And watched the news. Always a mistake. But, how do … [Read more...]

Political Blogging? Not here.

A longtime friend of mine has asked me to blog about politics. No thanks, I don't blog about politics, I tell him. He persists, claiming that since I have been a politically involved person, people want to know what I think. I disagree. If I blog about politics, I open the door for an entirely different audience than the one I have now. Politics is polarizing and divisive. It can bring out unwelcome hostility and snarkiness in otherwise nice people. I once posted a link on … [Read more...]