Christmas Wisdom

Last year after Christmas, I wrote a list of things to remember for this Christmas. Today I pulled it out to remind myself what to watch out for this Christmas: 1. Don't get sucked into the world's view of Christmas. Christmas will never be cinema-land perfect and trying to make it that way will just… Continue reading Christmas Wisdom

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Marital persnickety-ness follow-up

I love the responses I get from all of you on my blog. My last story on "Marital Persnickety-ness" generated several interesting comments. https://lauriesnowturner.com/2012/01/23/1059/ One of my favorites was from my friend Sara, who I've always admired because she and her husband consistently work on strengthening their marriage. She said, "Just wait until your 40th… Continue reading Marital persnickety-ness follow-up