To blog or not to blog

Today is one of those days when I want to blog, but I'm not sure it's a good idea. I want to blog because I want to whine, complain, and rant. Those are usually not good reasons for blogging. But, since my fingers are moving so quickly, I will respect the urge to write. Read on at your own peril. It all started with the brave goal of standing on the scale this morning after a weekend of too many indulgences. Stunned by the number staring back at me, I went on a … [Read more...]

Forget Perfection

I'm starting to feel like someone is spying on me, noticing how hard I can be on myself for falling short in one area or another because targeted messages on the dangers of perfectionism seem to be coming at me from every angle.  It's like when I send emails, search a particular topic on the internet or buy something online, and then suddenly I get Google and Facebook ads related to those exact topics. I hate being watched and monitored so closely. In Church, we talked about perfection and … [Read more...]


Have you ever done something you thought was brave and exciting, and then recoiled in regret because you felt like an exposed nerve? Mel Brooks "High Anxiety" movie comes to mind. I experienced this kind of high anxiety a couple of months ago when I sent query letters to literary agents. I stepped into an unknown arena to try something new. The minute I hit the send button, I seriously had a seismic panic attack. Every flaw in the book suddenly flashed in my mind in glaring … [Read more...]