Forgive me Dad

Dear Dad, I owe you an apology. Remember after I moved to Washington, and every time I talked to you, you said, "When are you moving back to Utah?" I remember when you finally stopped asking me that. It was after one of your visits to Washington, and, at last, you seemed to understand why I loved living in D.C. We were standing at a busy intersection in Georgetown, and you said, "I can see why you love it here. This is your kind of place. You really are a city girl." So, now that I am … [Read more...]

Blue Mind Magic

I usually try to write blogs based on what causes an emotional reaction in me. So, you'd think that being at the warm, sunny beach in February would trigger a lot of emotions. The problem is that the calming effects of the ocean lull me into a kind of beach bliss -- such a subdued, satisfied, relaxed state of happy -that I can't muster the mental energy to write a coherent blog. If you're a beach lover, you know that a physical change takes place in us when we're near the wide expanse of the … [Read more...]

That Time I worked for the President

At this time of the American Presidential Inauguration, and since the hospitalization of George H.W. and Barbara Bush, I have been reminiscing about the privilege I had to work as the communications director for the Bush ‘41 Presidential Inauguration. I remember standing on the lawn of the flag-draped U.S. Capitol when he said he wanted his first official act as President to be offering a prayer for the nation. With cameras rolling and the world watching, he asked God to make us strong to do … [Read more...]

A thing or two about aging…

A blog post about aging has been swirling in my head for awhile. I've resisted writing about it -- and really thinking about it --because, well, it makes me feel old. And, feeling old is not very fun. I'm telling you, if you don't feel old yet, it's coming. One day, you'll look at a picture of yourself that say, your daughter posts on Facebook, and you'll pull away from the screen in shock. You'll hear yourself say, "Is that me? Is that really what I look like?" Then, you'll stare at it … [Read more...]

Parable of the Red Kitchen Aid

“It’s enough for me – my life. It’s enough” I read that line in a beautiful book, The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah. I stopped reading immediately and wrote down that line on a piece of paper. “It’s enough for me – my life. It’s enough.” Don’t you love that sentiment? It made me put down a very good book because I wanted to remember that one line. My life really is enough for me. In fact, it’s more than enough. But sometimes I let the things I want overshadow what I have. I … [Read more...]