Goodbye Nikki

Nearly 13 years ago, we gave into Annie's pleas for a dog.   For all those years, he seemed invincible, immune from aging with all his energy and good health. But, all that changed about six months ago as he started to puzzle us with new behaviors.  We didn't view any of his symptoms as particularly serious until the past month when we noticed a steady pattern of changes and physical deterioration. When we took him to the beach a few weeks ago, he seemed like a troubled, … [Read more...]

Dog Whisperer Mojo

Now that we have work to do in North Carolina to get a beach house ready to rent, we have a little Nikki conundrum.   He's not a good passenger in the car.   I prefer passengers who can sit still, not drool on my seats, and not hang their heads out of my windows with their tongues and ears flapping in the breeze.   When I take Nikki to the dog groomers or the vet, I always put him in the back seat. He immediately steps on the window button, sticks his head … [Read more...]

About that anxiety, Nikki…

Nikki is avoiding me. I tried to take his picture for this blog post but he eluded me. I think he's mad because he saw my empty suitcase being filled again. I can't help it, Nikki. I have places to go. Last time I went away, Ginger, our amazing dog sitter, sent me an urgent message. "I'm very worried about Nikki.  Since about 2 this morning he has been pacing all over the house, panting, and chewing on his back leg.  It is now bloody looking.  I think he is in pain but I don't … [Read more...]

Anybody Want a Dog?

Do dogs get more mischievous as they age? When Nikki was an energetic, jumping puppy, I asked a dog-loving friend if he would ever mellow. "When he's old.  He'll just lay around and stay out of trouble." That was over 10 years ago and Nikki is still living the jumping, energetic puppy life. He's like the Peter Pan of dogs, never wanting to grow up. His new favorite game is to stand on his hind legs, wedge his sharp little claws into the pull-out cupboard where we keep the trash can, and … [Read more...]

Here kitty, kitty…

I'm dedicating this post to my cousin Becky. When my mom and I arrived at the beach a couple of weeks ago, we filled our arms full of all the supplies we hauled down there and headed up the stairs. When I peeked over the Costco-sized packages of toilet paper and paper towels to unlock the door, I noticed a cat sitting on the cover of the hot tub. "I think we have a visitor," Mom said, standing behind me with her arms full of new mattress pads. "Oh great! I wonder how long it's been here. Lew … [Read more...]