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Cancer Graduation Day

It finally came. The day I've been looking forward to for 10 years. I went to see my oncologist yesterday and she said, "Congratulations. You have graduated from oncology." Oncology -- the study and treatment of tumors. The field of medicine that is devoted to cancer. About a month ago I went to the breast… Continue reading Cancer Graduation Day

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Weight Watchers Embarrassment

I've debated whether to share this embarrassing experience, but here goes... Last week, I went to Weight Watchers. That's not even the embarrassing part. After Weight Watchers, I went to the car repair shop, the grocery store, and Costco. When I got home, I realized I never took off my Weight Watchers nametag. Hello world!… Continue reading Weight Watchers Embarrassment



Dear loyal blog readers, Lately I have been a blah-grrr. As in, I feel too blah to blog. Grrr. I blame it on winter. I’m cold. And, I’ve been mourning the loss of the Braverman family on NBC’s Parenthood. I don’t watch much TV so it upsets me that the only show I really love… Continue reading Blah-Grr