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We all need a Shelia!

I had a sweet experience last week visiting my mom’s friend and neighbor, Shelia, who was my mom's walking partner for over 30 years. Mom and Shelia Now, I’ve had some good walking partners but never one with that kind of consistency or longevity. Thirty years of walks five days a week is remarkable —… Continue reading We all need a Shelia!


Aging Mindfully

While walking with my friend Keri last weekend, I told her I’m struggling to accept the fact that I’m getting old. “We’re not old,” she said. “We’re sixty-three and that is not that old.” The key phrase that jumped out at me was “that old.” Old, yes, but not “that old.” I told her I’m… Continue reading Aging Mindfully


COVID Chronicles

Doug and I tested positive for Covid over the holidays. Our symptoms started out quite mild -- feeling tired, a little achy, a small cough, and a scratchy throat. We went to be tested just to be on the safe side. The next day, we received our results. Doug tested positive and I tested negative.… Continue reading COVID Chronicles

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Playing the Glad Game

It's time to play Pollyanna's Glad Game. I'm so over the pandemic. I've been desperately wanting all the craziness in the world to just be over already. You know it's bad when you keep asking yourself, "What else?" Fully expecting there to be one more thing day after day. We woke up early on Sunday… Continue reading Playing the Glad Game


Bush Twin Gems from “Sisters First”

I just finished reading the book Sister's First -- Stories from our Wild and Wonderful Life by Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush. I picked up the book for two reasons -- first, I'm a sucker for anything related to the Bush family, especially if it promises great stories about George and Barbara Bush.… Continue reading Bush Twin Gems from “Sisters First”