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Get Real and Stay in the Game

The title of this blog comes from something my husband Doug always says -- "Get real and stay in the game." In his professional work as an executive coach and in his religious life as a former and current bishop, he counsels with a lot of people about their problems and challenges. He said most… Continue reading Get Real and Stay in the Game

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Playing the Glad Game

It's time to play Pollyanna's Glad Game. I'm so over the pandemic. I've been desperately wanting all the craziness in the world to just be over already. You know it's bad when you keep asking yourself, "What else?" Fully expecting there to be one more thing day after day. We woke up early on Sunday… Continue reading Playing the Glad Game

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That Time I worked for the President

At this time of the American Presidential Inauguration, and since the hospitalization of George H.W. and Barbara Bush, I have been reminiscing about the privilege I had to work as the communications director for the Bush ‘41 Presidential Inauguration. I remember standing on the lawn of the flag-draped U.S. Capitol when he said he wanted… Continue reading That Time I worked for the President

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Refugee Relief — No More Stranger

Just reading and watching stories about the millions of refugees makes my heart hurt. So when I heard our Church leaders focus on it in our General Conference recently, my heart rejoiced. A friend texted me during Elder Patrick Kearon's talk and said, "I just LOVE this new emphasis on refugees in the church! So much… Continue reading Refugee Relief — No More Stranger

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There’s a kind of hush…

Remember the old Carpenters' song, "Kind of Hush?" If you weren't alive when it was released in 1976, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Anyway, I've thought of the lyrics every time I've stepped outside during the Blizzard of 2016.  "There's a kind of hush all over the world tonight..." This morning… Continue reading There’s a kind of hush…