Blue Mind Magic

I usually try to write blogs based on what causes an emotional reaction in me. So, you'd think that being at the warm, sunny beach in February would trigger a lot of emotions. The problem is that the calming effects of the ocean lull me into a kind of beach bliss -- such a subdued, satisfied, relaxed state of happy -that I can't muster the mental energy to write a coherent blog. If you're a beach lover, you know that a physical change takes place in us when we're near the wide expanse of the … [Read more...]


Have you ever done something you thought was brave and exciting, and then recoiled in regret because you felt like an exposed nerve? Mel Brooks "High Anxiety" movie comes to mind. I experienced this kind of high anxiety a couple of months ago when I sent query letters to literary agents. I stepped into an unknown arena to try something new. The minute I hit the send button, I seriously had a seismic panic attack. Every flaw in the book suddenly flashed in my mind in glaring … [Read more...]

I want to be like Anna Quindlen

I recently read Anna Quindlen’s new memoir, “Lots of Cake and Plenty of Candles.” I didn’t get past the first paragraph in the introduction titled “Life in the Fifties” before I stopped reading to think about one of the first things she wrote. “It’s odd when I think of the arc of my life, from child to woman to aging adult. First I was who I was. Then I didn’t know who I was. Then I invented someone and became her. Then I began to like what I’d invented. And finally I was what I was again. It … [Read more...]


My Grandma Snow used to subscribe to every magazine imaginable. After she read them, she stacked them up and gave them away to her friends and visitors. So often after I visited her I went home with a stack of magazines. I usually thumbed through them and took the Reader’s Digest vocabulary tests and the personality quizzes in the women’s magazines. The slick covers were always so enticing, but the stories inside rarely lived up to their headline hype. So I’ve always been a … [Read more...]

Emma Lou, I’m so glad I found you

I discovered a treasured gem in my e-mail inbox. It was a link to a story written by one of my favorite writers – Emma Lou Thayne. I clicked on the link to the Huffington Post and discovered Emma Lou writes a religion blog. “How did I not know this?” I said aloud, waking up Nikki who was sleeping peacefully by my feet. “How did I not know she blogged?  How am I not a follower?” I clicked through her blogs and then googled (love that verb) her name and discovered that not only … [Read more...]