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Pandemic Survival

As we live in the surreal, bewildering world of Covid-19, I repeatedly find myself thinking and feeling like I did after I was diagnosed with cancer over 10 years ago. The lessons I learned then are helping me now. Like a pandemic, that diagnosis made me feel helpless, confused, uncertain about the future, and worried… Continue reading Pandemic Survival

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The Gratitude Letter

To many of my friends and family, my husband Doug is known as Mr. Happy. He has a degree from University of Pennsylvania in Applied Positive Psychology.   He has fun finding new ways to apply the principles of positive psychology in his consulting work and even in our family. Since it's November, the month… Continue reading The Gratitude Letter

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Wedding Planning 101

Several people have asked me to share what I learned about wedding planning after planning Annie's December wedding.  This might be more than you ever wanted to know... The most important thing I learned is that it can become tedious, frustrating, and filled with tension if you let it. So, decide at the beginning that… Continue reading Wedding Planning 101