Gregoria Korologos: 87 years was not enough of you

One of my best friends in the world died Monday morning, and even though she was 87 years old, lived the fullest, most fascinating life of anyone I know, and was completely physically worn out, I still feel like she died too soon. Gregoria Korologos February 25, 1934 - April 5, 2021 Even 41 years… Continue reading Gregoria Korologos: 87 years was not enough of you

From my Bookshelf

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse

I heard about this book on the Today show and ordered it immediately because it just oozed with sugary sweetness and nuggets of simple yet profound wisdom. Hoda Kotb said it moved her to her core, and as she interviewed the author, I couldn't resist ordering it right then. It's a gift book, a treasure… Continue reading The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse


COVID Chronicles

Doug and I tested positive for Covid over the holidays. Our symptoms started out quite mild -- feeling tired, a little achy, a small cough, and a scratchy throat. We went to be tested just to be on the safe side. The next day, we received our results. Doug tested positive and I tested negative.… Continue reading COVID Chronicles

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Get Real and Stay in the Game

The title of this blog comes from something my husband Doug always says -- "Get real and stay in the game." In his professional work as an executive coach and in his religious life as a former and current bishop, he counsels with a lot of people about their problems and challenges. He said most… Continue reading Get Real and Stay in the Game

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Playing the Glad Game

It's time to play Pollyanna's Glad Game. I'm so over the pandemic. I've been desperately wanting all the craziness in the world to just be over already. You know it's bad when you keep asking yourself, "What else?" Fully expecting there to be one more thing day after day. We woke up early on Sunday… Continue reading Playing the Glad Game