There’s a kind of hush…

Remember the old Carpenters' song, Kind of Hush? If you weren't alive when it was released in 1976, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Anyway, I've thought of the lyrics every time I've stepped outside during the Blizzard of 2016.  "There's a kind of hush all over the world tonight..." This morning I went out to hunt for the Washington Post. (Wishful thinking.) My neighbor was outside and we stood in the middle of the road in the bright sunshine, surveying the beauty around … [Read more...]


Don't tell me you're not following the $1.4 billion PowerBall jackpot, and wondering what you'd do with that much money. If you're thinking, "I don't gamble, thank you very much," then good for you for being so darn wonderful. But you're missing out on all the fun of fantasizing about being a billionaire. Over the weekend, we were at dinner with some friends and, of course, the big old jackpot came up, and then the question, "What would you do with the money?" Not surprisingly, everyone … [Read more...]

Writing it all down

It's New Year's Day 2016. I'm sitting on the couch thinking, "I should write a New Year's blog." Last year about this time, I wrote a blog called Blah-Grrr, which was less than inspiring, but it captured my mood at the time. This year, I want to write something BETTER, more MOTIVATIONAL, but I'm stuck. Hello Writer's Block. (The inability to tap into the writerly part of your brain where thoughts turn into words and sentences.) Part of the reason for this mental block is that I've set … [Read more...]