My Facebook Life

I know I need a Facebook break when I start believing everyone is having more fun than me. After scrolling through FB today, I realized I have the most boring life imaginable. Clearly, everyone I know is having an amazing summer. And, I am doing absolutely nothing fun or interesting. I see friends going to Broadway plays in New York City, playing on the beaches in Hawaii, touring Europe, and dancing at Taylor Swift concerts – on the front row, no less. I’m doing none of those … [Read more...]

A few good lessons from Disney’s “Inside Out”

My friend Stacy sent me a copy of a blog about parenting that she recently read, loved and saved. The blog, written by Erin Stewart for the Deseret News was about how the new Disney Pixar movie, “Inside Out” sent her a wake-up call. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, “Inside Out,” it’s about a girl named Riley whose emotions are in a tailspin because her family is moving. Joy, sadness, disgust, anger, and fear battle it out trying to cope with the transition. Joy wants … [Read more...]