A Sixties Summer Romance

I recently saw a news story about the history of Park Ro-She, an old swimming pool in my hometown. Salt Lake Tribune When I grew up in the sixties, my parents bought summer swim passes for us around Memorial Day and we spent every day at the Park Ro-She swimming pool until school started again at the end of August. Every day we hopped on our bikes, pedaled down Main Street to the pool, and stayed all day long. No sunscreen. No supervision. No organized swim team. Our … [Read more...]

Happy Father’s Day — Doug-as-Dad

Happy Father's Day Doug. Here are 10 of my favorite Doug-as-Dad memories: 1. Just a few days after I had Sara, he swaddled her in what he called "The Torpedo Wrap" and took her to her first pediatrician appointment. He left me home to rest. I loved his confidence as he bundled her up and took her off to the doctor for her first check-up. 2. When Sara was a toddler, I went out of town for some meetings and Doug tried to do Sara's hair just like I would have done it. He worked hard to get … [Read more...]

Reimagining Life

Over the last few months, I've run into friends I haven't seen for years. These friends are my age or close to it, and I find myself awkwardly staring at them, thinking, "Are we really this old?" Don't get me wrong. We look good ... for our age. See, it's that last phrase that gets to me. As we get older, we say things like that because age has suddenly become an issue. I'm fine about getting older, it just surprises me sometimes. I talked to someone recently about a job … [Read more...]