Love Illuminated Part Two

In February, I wrote a blog on love called "Love Illuminated."   It was based on a book written by Daniel Jones, the editor of the New York Times' Modern Love column. I noted that I realized I had a lot to say about the topic of love, and that I'd need to write a part two. So here is the second part to that blog... In a talk called "How Do I Love Thee" given by then-President Jeffrey Holland at BYU, he said, "I … [Read more...]

Fair is Fair

Being a Libra, I am nothing if not fair. I like my scales balanced. I recently had some blogging fun at Doug's expense by writing about a few things he says that I don't like. I'm keenly aware that there are things I say (and do) that Doug doesn't like. Here are a few: I talk during TV shows, and I’ve been know to ask a question or two in a movie. I know, I know. It’s annoying. Doug is completely silent during TV shows and movies. I, embarrassingly, am kind of an … [Read more...]