Mama Knows Best

Don't you love that headline? Mama Knows Best? That was the title of a blog written by my daughter today. I'm certain she hasn't always believed that I know best. So, I am savoring this moment and this headline. She sent me a list of suggestions she received in a class about how to live off a teacher's salary. She had some concerns about some of the tips and whether she could or should  follow them, and asked my opinion.   Here is her blog from … [Read more...]

Love Illuminated

Daniel Jones, the editor of the New York Times' Modern Love column has read about 50,000 essays on love, and written a book  called Love Illuminated -- Exploring Life's Most Mystifying Subject about what he's learned. When Jones talked to Katie Couric about the book, she said she thinks if you want to find someone, you need to put out an APB to everyone you know. The hazard in doing that, according to Jones, is that you have to know what you want before you send out that APB or it won't make … [Read more...]

I am here. Here I am.

I enjoy yoga, but sometimes yoga teachers speak in such vague and abstract terms that I feel totally confused. After awhile, they sound like whirring fans -- creating white noise. Their words come at me like dancing, fluffy feathers or swirling snowflakes that melt as soon as they land on me. Most of the time, I dutifully follow their instructive cues. But sometimes, I just want to say, “WHAT are you talking about?” “Welcome to class. I want you to just be where you are today. Be … [Read more...]