Home — the acquisition of memories

I'm still enjoying the afterglow of Annie's wedding. One of my favorite things about the holidays and the wedding was having my house full of people -- my people -- my friends and family, including our new addition of a son-in-law. A perfect kind of holiday. I love a full house full of people; a house that exudes happy energy. I go to sleep happier on nights when our home is  filled with people who make me laugh, think, or just make me feel better because their personalities have … [Read more...]

Funerals and Families

I've lived away from my family for over 30 years now. But, you know what makes me the most homesick? Funerals. I know that sounds morbid, and obviously, I'm not a fan of people dying. But, over the years, I've missed some important funerals. Maybe the worst was my Grandma's. I made it to Utah in time to see her before she died, but then she passed away as soon as I returned home. At least I had the chance to kiss her soft, wrinkly cheek, and tell her I loved her. I missed … [Read more...]

The Things Doug Says

I know it’s the month of love and I should write a gooey blog about romance. But, gooey is not my forte. So I will write what is on my mushy mind. When I say mushy, I mean mushy as in soft and pulpy in the head -- not sentimental, as in conversation hearts that say things like "wink wink" or "cutie pie." If you’re a loyal blog reader, you know I love my husband. He is and always has been the real deal in the best husband department. I couldn’t ask for a better one. So, … [Read more...]

About that award-winning author status…

Even though I had fun with my blog about the news release and the best-selling author business, it was a legitimate contest that highlighted some excellent writers. The Amazon link for Kindle downloads is up at : http://amzn.to/1aU3Z4o And, if you don't have a Kindle, you can download free Amazon software to read Seasons of Our Lives(Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) on almost any device you have -- from the cloud, your smart phone, many tablets, or from your PC or … [Read more...]