Wedding Planning 101

Several people have asked me to share what I learned about wedding planning after planning Annie's December wedding.  This might be more than you ever wanted to know... The most important thing I learned is that it can become tedious, frustrating, and filled with tension if you let it. So, decide at the beginning that you will have fun, and make it memorable. I told Annie our motto was, "When we stop having fun, we have to take a break." We took several breaks! Some parts of it were not … [Read more...]

A little bragging is in order

I know I haven't posted as often as usual; and I'm going to take care of that... soon. Really, I am. Soonish. But, remember when I wrote a blog called "Cheerleading Envy?" You know the one, 12-year-old-me sitting in the bleachers, hating on the cheerleaders because I wasn't one? Well, I won an award for it. Turns out, there's this blog on women's memoirs and they had this contest, … [Read more...]