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Pinterest Personalities

You learn a lot about people by browsing their Pinterest boards.

I don’t have a lot of Pinterest browsing time, but tonight I thought I’d look at my daughter’s Pinterest collections for some Christmas ideas.

I didn’t find many gift ideas, but I found an apt visual summary of her interests — fashion, love, romance and marriage, Diet Coke, faith, inspiring words, make-up, puppies, pink, setting up a picture-perfect house, and did I mention pink?

On a board labeled, “Need This,” she pinned pictures of adorable puppies.

Puppies are serious needs of hers.

She often sends texts with photos of puppies and urgent messages about how she “neeeeds one.”

This need seems to grow by the day.


Other serious needs include elaborate make-up storage bins that are as big as pieces of furniture.

sarasara neeeeeed

She “neeeeeeds” pink — pink earrings, pink laundry room, pink kitchen, bedroom, dress. Oh, and nail polish and make-up in all varieties of pink.

pink kitchenlaundrypink crystal Chanel earringsI need this

She claims she’s not a crafty girl, but she has an ,”If I Were Crafty” board, and included some tasteful crafts that I think she should try. (Notice the pink theme even in the crafts.)

if i were craftypink jarred flyer shelf

After giggling at all of her pins showing her many “needs,” I didn’t find anything I could give her for Christmas.

Maybe something for her dream living room or bathroom…

that tubsara's future room

Or maybe a little pool sofa for the beach?

pool sofa

Maybe I could have her mantra framed:mantraOr maybe I could get her a new phone case that truly matches her personality…

phone case

I wonder if it comes in pink…

All of these pins show the daughter I know and love.

After perusing Sara’s pins, I wondered what my pins say about me.

For one, they are not nearly as fun as Sara’s or as funny.

But, if I had to write a paragraph about my current interests based on my Pinterest boards, it would say I enjoy all things related to home, writing, inspiring words; D.C., gift-giving, entertaining, sunrooms and patios; organization ideas, technology and social media; marriage, food, and future grand babies.

That pretty much sums it up.

What do your Pinterest boards say about you? Maybe you better check before somebody else does…

2 thoughts on “Pinterest Personalities”

  1. Thanks Laurie. Loved it I hope she gets her beautiful pink bathroom. It is elegant. Am excited about all festivities for her wedding. Xoxo. Greg

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