Pinterest Personalities

You learn a lot about people by browsing their Pinterest boards. I don't have a lot of Pinterest browsing time, but tonight I thought I'd look at my daughter's Pinterest collections for some Christmas ideas. I didn't find many gift ideas, but I found an apt visual summary of her interests -- fashion, love, romance and marriage, Diet Coke, faith, inspiring words, make-up, puppies, pink, setting up a picture-perfect house, and did I mention pink? On a board labeled, "Need This," she … [Read more...]

Thank You Costco

I opened the Costco magazine today -- The Costco Connection. You know, the one disguised as a news magazine that's really one big Costco promotional document. It's "the lifestyle magazine for Costco members." I'm a Costco member.  I carry the card, push the cart through the warehouse, and feel the rush of excitement when I see the lady giving out pumpkin pie bites. I thumb through the magazine and notice some pithy articles about things like how to calm down angry customers, and how … [Read more...]