Scrapbooking — One thing I did right

Like everybody, I spend too much time worrying about what I do wrong or what I don't do well enough. For today, I'm going to focus on a few things I've done right. One of those things  was creating scrapbooks of our family life. I may not have been the craftiest, most artistic scrapbooker in the universe, but I preserved my kids' childhoods and my own memories in archival quality books. My favorite pages are the ones with close-up photos  -- the ones that capture a mood, a moment, a … [Read more...]

Please Don’t De-friend Me

I'm sitting on a plane sending a few birthday messages to my friends when it occurs to me that I've been blowing up Facebook with my "Day to Serve" life lately. I hope my friends haven't hid me from their timelines like I've wanted to hide my friend Erin from mine. You see, Erin is so obsessed with MASNsports  photography contest that she posts about a thousand Nats pictures a second. Her one-track posting habits have earned her a lot of grief from her friends, including me. But, as … [Read more...]

Small Treasures

In today's Washington Post magazine, I read a sweet story answering the Post's question, "What has meaning for you?" The writer, Amanda Long, wrote about treasuring her father's appointment book. It reminded me of when my dad died many years ago, and one of my assigned tasks was to clean out his safe deposit box at the bank. Deeply sad and in a state of shock, I walked into the town bank where I knew most of the people who worked there. One by one, they expressed their sympathy … [Read more...]