We said yes!

As many of you know, my daughter Annie spent part of the summer in Africa. She came home on a Thursday. Her boyfriend, Josh, flew here Friday and stayed at her friend's house. (Thank you SKN!) Then, Saturday morning, he surprised her by proposing at Eastern Market on Capitol Hill. If I'd had any doubts about this marriage idea before, they were quickly washed away when I saw the joy in Annie's face when she spun around to see him standing behind her with a bouquet of … [Read more...]

Remembering a Springville Summer

While in my hometown of Springville for a few weeks, I passed the city park and noticed a new water fountain, stream and splash pad filled with kids running around and playing in the squirting sprinklers. It reminded me of my summers at Park-Ro-She swimming pool on the north end of Main Street. My brother and I walked up to Main Street from our house to catch a school bus to the pool for summer swimming lessons. When we were older and better swimmers, we rode our stingray bikes there every … [Read more...]

Regrets and Do-Overs

While in Utah visiting my family, my sister and I got into a conversation about regrets. What do I regret? What kinds of things would I do differently if I had a few do-overs? Do I regret filling yards of surgical tubing with water and spraying an apartment full of poker-playing boys in college? No. Do I regret filling up my first semester of college with classes like trampoline, tennis and dance? Or making a spontaneous decision at 9 p.m. at night to load my car with college … [Read more...]