Uganda or Detroit? Hmmm…

When I was in college a century ago, I spent the summers working to earn money to pay my tuition and living expenses for the coming year.

I spent a few years as a “Dee Dolly” taking hamburger orders for $1.90 an hour. I mastered the skill of suggestive selling, as in “Would you like fries with that burger?” or “Could I make that apple pie à la mode?”

I developed superior suggestive selling skills.

I also worked the graveyard shift at a cherry plant. I sat at a conveyor belt in my lovely hygienic hair net and picked out the random cherry stems or pits before the cherries were dumped into their cans.

I even tried working in a sewing plant. My job was to sew tiny pieces of facing– one piece after another about a zillion times a day. It made me so dizzy I literally ran into the ladies’ room to vomit three days in a row.

Finally, my mom said, “You’re not cut out for that kind of monotonous job. Why make yourself so miserable every day?”

Done. I quit immediately.

Let me show you what Annie is doing this summer:

Playing with beautiful children in Uganda

Playing with beautiful children in Uganda

Building a school

Building a school

Bungee Jumping
Bungee Jumping

Hiking to Sipi Falls

Hiking to Sipi Falls

Playing with chameleons
Playing with chameleons

Am I jealous?


I’d take bungee jumping, safaris, school building and playing with beautiful children any day over picking out cherry stems from a conveyor belt or selling someone a dozen infamous 19-cent Dee burgers.

My first airplane ride was a trip to Detroit to represent the university at a journalism conference.


At the time, it was probably my Uganda.

No wonder I’m jealous…


  1. Loved this! You have a fabulous daughter!

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