Uganda or Detroit? Hmmm…

When I was in college a century ago, I spent the summers working to earn money to pay my tuition and living expenses for the coming year.I spent a few years as a “Dee Dolly” taking hamburger orders for $1.90 an hour. I mastered the skill of suggestive selling, as in “Would you like fries with that burger?” or “Could I make that apple pie à la mode?”I developed superior suggestive selling skills.I also worked the graveyard shift at a cherry plant. I sat at a conveyor belt in my lovely hygienic … [Read more...]

Writing My Obit

Okay, don't panic about the headline. I'm not really writing my obituary, and I'm not dying. I am, however,  thinking about my eulogy and what I would want somebody to say about me at my funeral. I know it sounds morbid, but stick with me. A few days ago, I found out about a tragedy in the family of one of my dearest college friends. His brother and  sister-in-law died in a car accident while their 16-year-old daughter was driving. She accidentally went off the edge of the … [Read more...]

Let me think…

My day is not complete without a crossword puzzle. It gets my brain warmed up for the day and makes me believe I won't get Alzheimer's. Sometimes I flip to the crossword puzzle before I even glance at the front page headlines. Yes, Egypt's interim leader may have picked a new premier and deputy. But, what is the theme of today's crossword puzzle? I get excited on the weekends when I see the fat Sunday newspaper at the end of the driveway because I know the Washington Post … [Read more...]

Remembering What You’d Rather Forget

A few months ago, I attended a Jewish Holocaust Observance at the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia. I listened to Leo Bretholz, a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor from Baltimore, tell about how he escaped by jumping out of the window of a train heading for Auschwitz. He is a group of 100 survivors who visit Maryland's public schools every year. "I look at the students and wonder if they believe me. It is so inconceivable...but, I cannot … [Read more...]

Advice From Mom

I know I blog about my mom often. Mostly, because she's smart and funny and provides me with good material. But, also, because I love her. A lot. And, I want to remember as much as I can about her. Writing about her helps me do that. While we were at the beach in March getting the house ready for the busy rental season, I asked her what advice she'd like to pass on to her grandchildren. Without hesitation, she said three things: 1. Run. That's right, run. Runners are passionate … [Read more...]