Happy Father’s Day, Dad

I miss my dad. It's been 21 years since I heard his voice, felt his strong hugs, and smelled the Old Spice Aftershave on his cheeks. What I wouldn't give for a conversation with him. Sometimes I imagine him showing up, like when I'm walking on the beach by myself, thinking about him. As I walk past the fishermen on the beach, I remember how my dad struck up conversations with anybody and everybody holding a fishing pole. "Are they biting? What are they taking?" He'd … [Read more...]

Beach Decisions

I love beach decisions. Should I go to the "yoga on the beach" class first or swim in the pool and then go to the yoga class? Yoga wins. Should I walk or ride my bike? Turns out I have to drive to yoga. I spent too much time sitting on the deck watching the American flag flap in the breeze while waving and smiling at all the morning walkers. I decide to bike ride after yoga; jump in the pool after lunch; and then walk late at night and enjoy the stars in the pitch-black … [Read more...]

Perspective — the first gift of the sea

Before we left home for our trek to the beach, I wondered if I could leave all my duties and responsibilities undone for a week.A miraculous thing always happens when we arrive in Avon, North Carolina.My memory gets wiped clean.I can't remember what I had to do that was so important it couldn't wait.As I sit on the deck, mesmerized by the ocean, I try to remember.What were those things I thought I couldn't leave undone?Perspective is one of the gifts of the sea, I think. The first book I brought … [Read more...]