Bucket List Mania

I downloaded some worksheets that included some prompts to help me create a bucket list. The first worksheet I read was titled, "100 Things to do before I die." The Cornell Legacy Project found that the “wisest elders” among us say that creating and pursuing bucket list goals is something that brings nothing but rewards throughout life. But, not having one, results in regrets and missed experiences. I felt like I needed a bucket list because I certainly cannot live my life regretting my … [Read more...]

Trying to Find Words of Comfort

Last night I heard on the news that a post office box has been set up to receive condolence letters for the families of those killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings. I felt like I should send notes to the grieving parents. But, what could I possibly write? What words of condolence could I share that could uplift these heartbroken, bereaved families? On September 11, when I heard that terrorists had attacked our nation, I immediately drove to the elementary school to pick up my … [Read more...]

The Joy of Giving

My mom called me last week to see what I want for Christmas. When asked that question, I instinctively think, “What do I need?” Then nothing comes to mind. I don’t need anything. But what do you want? Mom asked. Doug’s Dad says you should never buy people what they need. Instead, he believes you should give impractical, unexpected gifts. (Note: This comes from a man who also believes you should fall asleep every night savoring a piece of milk chocolate because “There’s … [Read more...]

Letting Go

As a mother of two college students – one of them only two weeks away from graduating –I am continually asking myself, “What would my mom do now?” I want to be the kind of mother she’s been. The area that needs the most improvement lately is trying to be a better listener. Sometimes, I am more of a fixer than a listener. When my daughters call and tell me their concerns and problems, I instantly, naturally want to fix everything. I get worked up in my here’s-what-we-need-to-do … [Read more...]