Living in “The Zone”

It’s a rainy day and I am doing all the things that have to be done for Christmas to happen at our house.

The tree is decorated. The bows are tied. The Santa collection is out.

And, there are boxes of greenery, lights, and Nativity sets that need to go somewhere…

Or, do they?

After my post on what I learned last year at Christmas, I’m trying to reconsider what is necessary.

Do I need to put those twinkling lights everywhere?

Does every room in the house need something?

Today, as I look at the heaping boxes and the long “to do” list I have, the answer is no.

I spent half the morning looking for the black and white striped wrapping paper I saw on Pinterest.

Finally, I looked at the clock and thought of my last blog post.


With a list of things to do that keeps getting longer and rolls of wrapping paper in the basement, why have I spent the last 30 minutes searching for more wrapping paper?

Wrapping paper
Wrapping paper (Photo credit: Heart for Japan)

Do I have to have the black and white striped paper with the green ribbons?

Clearly, no.

But, it would look fantastic and be so Pinterest-worthy.

To keep myself in line, I watched this video clip from the movie “Hitch” to remind myself of “My Christmas Zone.”


Cover of "Hitch (Widescreen Edition)"
Cover of Hitch (Widescreen Edition)

When Albert starts busting his out-of-control dance moves, Hitch stops him, and says, “Don’t ever do that again! You hear me? …This is where you live, right here.”

Then he teaches him a simple back and forth move, nothing fancy, just a basic cool sway.

“This is where you live. This is home!” he says.

For this holiday season, I’m trying to get that live-in-the-zone concept.

Staying in this zone is the key to getting through the holiday season without regrets.

So, no more out-of-control moves.

I will not spend any more time looking for that sumptuous wrapping paper…but if I’m out, and I happen to see it, I will buy it because it will mean I “happened upon it” and it was “meant to be.”

And happening upon things that were meant to be is definitely in my holiday zone.

That is like divine intervention instead of foolish excess.

Wouldn’t you agree?

And, divine intervention is definitely in my Christmas zone.

I mean, that is the point of the holiday, right?

Even on something as seemingly silly as wrapping paper.

I won’t waste time searching for it, but with all the time I will save from not over-decorating, I might be able to find it…

christmas 2007
 (Photo credit: paparutzi)

3 thoughts on “Living in “The Zone””

  1. Laurie, if you watch the rest of “Hitch” you will see that Albert ignored Hitch’s advice and danced the way he wanted to. And you know what? She liked him better for being himself. Just a thought. I love this post and I am trying to simplify things myself. I am keeping your last blog post for a reference because there was so much wisdom in it.

  2. Laurie, Believe me, the older you get, the less you will feeling like over the top decorating!! Actually, it makes me tired just thinking about it!! I got my tree up & not a lot more decorating! But it really is the tree & lights that I really enjoy the most anyway! Love reading all your posts! Love you, Auntie Marilyn

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