Living in “The Zone”

It's a rainy day and I am doing all the things that have to be done for Christmas to happen at our house. The tree is decorated. The bows are tied. The Santa collection is out. And, there are boxes of greenery, lights, and Nativity sets that need to go somewhere... Or, do they? After my post on what I learned last year at Christmas, I'm trying to reconsider what is necessary. Do I need to put those twinkling lights everywhere? Does every room in the house need … [Read more...]

Christmas Wisdom

Last year after Christmas, I wrote a list of things to remember for this Christmas. Today I pulled it out to remind myself what to watch out for this Christmas: 1. Don't get sucked into the world's view of Christmas. Christmas will never be cinema-land perfect and trying to make it that way will just end up making you feel exhausted and disappointed. 2. Don't over decorate. Just because it looks Christmasy, doesn't mean it needs to be displayed. 3. Don't overeat. Have a plan for … [Read more...]


Have you ever done something you thought was brave and exciting, and then recoiled in regret because you felt like an exposed nerve? Mel Brooks "High Anxiety" movie comes to mind. I experienced this kind of high anxiety a couple of months ago when I sent query letters to literary agents. I stepped into an unknown arena to try something new. The minute I hit the send button, I seriously had a seismic panic attack. Every flaw in the book suddenly flashed in my mind in glaring … [Read more...]

Overwhelmed by the Goodness of Others

Last Friday, President Scott Wheatley, our church's leader over the area from Vienna to Herndon, Virginia and everything in between, wondered what we could do as a community to help the Hurricane Sandy victims in New York and New Jersey. He contacted Kevin Calderwood, a church member from Reston who is now serving as a mission president in the New York South Mission of the church, overseeing 200 LDS missionaries. President Calderwood quickly responded and said the people there needed warm … [Read more...]