Hurricane Sandy and Losing Control

I like to believe I am a calm, controlled kind of woman. So when I heard about the storm of the century heading our way, Doug and I took all the necessary precautions. We filled the tub with water, charged up our battery-powered lights, moved all of our deck furniture, brought in all the pumpkins and Halloween decorations, made a pot of soup, did all the laundry and checked bits of advice of preparations lists. Then, we waited. And watched the news. Always a mistake. But, how do … [Read more...]

Reluctantly Getting My Pink On

I love autumn, but I'm actually looking forward to October being over. I'm tired of the pink palooza. As a breast cancer survivor, however, I feel like I should do my part to raise awareness. (That's why I buy a pink t-shirt at the Lucy store every year.) After all, the statistics are still that one in eight women will get this nasty disease. I certainly never thought it would be me. I discovered I … [Read more...]

Judger vs. Perceiver

When Doug and I were dating he was doing a lot of professional work involving the Myers Briggs personality type test -- a test that determines your personality preferences. … [Read more...]

Mars and Venus

A few weeks ago, I told Doug about an experience I had at the nail salon. A woman sat in the pedicure chair next to me. Before Tiffany, the nail technician, started this lady's pedicure, the lady said, "Oh, don't massage my legs." Then she leaned toward me and said, "I have cancer." She had breast cancer, then it spread to her bones and she couldn't handle any pressure on her legs. Then she proceeded to tell me everything about her life. Her husband divorced her. She had no children. … [Read more...]