Cheerleader Envy

Fall brings out my cheerleader envy. When I was growing up, when the leaves changed and the weather cooled, it  meant two things: the annual deer hunt and football games. Since my dad owned the local dairy, he sponsored and coached the Snow Dairy little league football team. While my brothers dreamed of wearing shoulder pads and helmets, I dreamed of wearing the red and white cheerleading outfit. From the time I was about 10 years old, I thought I was destined to be a Snow Dairy … [Read more...]

Day to Serve and The Snowball Effect

Last January, I received a new church public affairs assignment. One of our first decisions was to encourage the members of our church to dedicate a day to serve. We explored the various needs in our communities. After reviewing some startling hunger statistics, we decided to focus on the needs of those who are considered "food insecure." One in four Americans don't know where their next meal will come from. 11.8 percent of people  in Virginia, one in six people in Maryland, a … [Read more...]

Remembering the good stuff

I recently read a blog by Michael Hyatt titled "We are what we remember." I'm intrigued by this concept and title and how our memories define us. In many cases, we can choose the memories we want to keep and, hopefully, we choose the good ones. When I look back on my years as a mother of young children, the days of drudgery are a blur while the moments of joy shine brightly in my mind. I remember going to the town festival, riding carnival … [Read more...]

Political Blogging? Not here.

A longtime friend of mine has asked me to blog about politics. No thanks, I don't blog about politics, I tell him. He persists, claiming that since I have been a politically involved person, people want to know what I think. I disagree. If I blog about politics, I open the door for an entirely different audience than the one I have now. Politics is polarizing and divisive. It can bring out unwelcome hostility and snarkiness in otherwise nice people. I once posted a link on … [Read more...]