Things that make my heart beat fast

Lately, I've been paying attention to the little physical sensations you get when you're excited about something. You know, that racing I-can't-wait feeling when you're doing something you love? I don't know what made me start notice these things, but I've been paying attention to the little things that jumpstart my heart. Here are a few of them: 1. Home Goods. I recently pulled my cart out from the line where all the carts were jammed together near the entrance, and caught a … [Read more...]

If it’s not one thing, it’s your brother

I called my brother Kelly last week and for the hundredth time, I said, "You're okay with me writing a memoir about our family, right? It may never see the light of day, but if it does, I need to know everyone is okay with it." I've been working on this book for about three years now, and Kelly has generously shared his memories with me every time I've called him. For three years, I've repeated the question, "Now, are you sure you're going to be okay with me writing about your life and our … [Read more...]

Goodbye Summer

Summer 2012. It's officially over. My girls have returned to college. The house is quiet. The bedrooms are clean. The junk food is tossed. Tonight will just be dinner for two. My house feels like one of those deflated Snowman decorations at Christmas time. You know, the ones that stand all puffy and bright at night, and then collapse into a big heap at the end of the night? It's not a bad thing. It just takes some getting used to. So to cheer myself up today, I'm going to list some … [Read more...]

The Tyranny of Why

In one of Doug’s recent personal coaching classes, his classmates gave him the title of “Yoda” because of his gift of wisdom. Yoda, the renowned Jedi master in the Star Wars universe, trained Luke Skywalker in the ways of the Jedi. In our house, I am Luke Skywalker trying to glean knowledge and insight from Yoda, my Jedi master. I want him to share his positive psychology and personal coaching skills with me. When I tell him that, he says it’s hard to counsel and coach your … [Read more...]

A long lost friend

Yesterday I logged into Facebook and saw a face I haven't seen in years. It took me by surprise because it was a face I haven't seen since 1993. It was the face of a dear friend of mine from college. We took political science classes together, including a class called "sim-Con," that was a simulated Congress. We loved talking politics and journalism; Shakespeare and law. I was a journalism major. He studied pre-law, determined to become an attorney. After graduation, he and his … [Read more...]