How Sweet it is

Annie’s home.

This means fun, activity, parties, messes, friends, singing, lacrosse, and food.

By food, I mean Annie and her friends making addictive Pinterest foods like Nutella muddy buddies and decadent Blondies. It means me making addictive Pinterest foods like Nutella french toast.

Decadent blondiesnutella muddy buddies

Seriously, who invents Nutella muddy buddies and Nutella french toast? And who thinks it’s okay to make things like that and actually eat them?

I love baking and would love to pin recipe upon recipe, and bake one masterful baked good after another, and then show off my luscious treats on my blog and then to all my friends, families, and neighbors.

I’d love to dream up a Nutella cookbook. How about cake with Nutella in the middle or e’clairs with Nutella drizzled on top?

The problem is that these delectable sugary treats are addictive.

So baking is a habit I’m trying to break.

Baking is bad. Baking makes me fat. Nutella is not my friend.

Since I’m a woman who gets regular mail from AARP and I gain weight just looking at Pinterest foods, baking is the last thing I should do with my time.

I’ve always wanted to be the woman who sneers at fat-producing, non-nutritional foods — the controlled woman who calmly walks past them, and happily heads for the celery, salivating at the sight of red pepper hummus, and a the plethora of colorful veggies.

Instead, I’m the woman who sits on the deck on a beautiful spring day writing a blog about Nutella muddy buddies because if I stayed inside, I’d be standing over a bowl devouring them, and marveling over a clump so big it resembles a meatball.

My inner sweet-toothed, undisciplined self wants to have the muddy buddies, not the celery .

I’m always trying to tame my weakness for all things sweet.

I hate it when people ask, “What’s your favorite dessert?” because I can’t think of just one.

I try to get excited about grilled salmon drizzled with a teaspoon of olive oil with a side of lentils for dinner.

I wish I could crave a hunk of fish like salmon instead of the red Swedish kind I see in the candy aisles of the grocery store.

I love having Annie home, and I’m excited for Sara to come home in June, but I have to avoid the Pinterest food trap.

Just because it looks fantastic and amazing doesn’t mean my body will like it.

I mean, my mouth will love it… but it won’t take time for me to regret it.

So summer of 2012 will be full of fun,activity, parties, messes, friends, singing, lacrosse, but please, get thee hence Pinterest with all your tempting foods.

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