A Routine Check-up

I know I dissed O magazine and others for their headline hype that often leads to total disappointment once I open the covers. Well, I gave into the magazine cover lure again and bought a Good Housekeeping magazine. I’m happy to report I learned something. Turns out that Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project writes a GH column that is very instructive. In the issue I read, she wrote about scheduling priorities and how our ordinary routines influence our … [Read more...]

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend 2012 and what it conjures up... 1. Memories of living in Crystal City and taking my camera over to Arlington Cemetery to photograph the thousands of flags posted by the graves and feeling overwhelming gratitude for the soldiers who served the United States with such courage and valor. I couldn't believe the sea of red, white, and blue flags waving in the humid breeze of the nation's capital.  "And this is where I live," I kept thinking. 2.  Going camping at Fairfax … [Read more...]


I’m in Arizona for Sara’s roommate, Julie’s wedding.  Julie has been like part of our family for the last four years. She is the roommate you pray for when you want your daughter to be happy in her new college life. One afternoon when I was visiting them during their sophomore year, Julie asked Sara about her day.  Then she said, “Come and sit down and tell me all about it.” She scooted over on the couch to make room for Sara and I, then crossed her brown Arizona legs and got … [Read more...]

About that anxiety, Nikki…

Nikki is avoiding me. I tried to take his picture for this blog post but he eluded me. I think he's mad because he saw my empty suitcase being filled again. I can't help it, Nikki. I have places to go. Last time I went away, Ginger, our amazing dog sitter, sent me an urgent message. "I'm very worried about Nikki.  Since about 2 this morning he has been pacing all over the house, panting, and chewing on his back leg.  It is now bloody looking.  I think he is in pain but I don't … [Read more...]

How Sweet it is

Decadent blondies

Annie's home. This means fun, activity, parties, messes, friends, singing, lacrosse, and food. By food, I mean Annie and her friends making addictive Pinterest foods like Nutella muddy buddies and decadent Blondies. It means me making addictive Pinterest foods like Nutella french toast. Seriously, who invents Nutella muddy buddies and Nutella french toast? And who thinks it's okay to make things like that and actually eat them? I love baking and would love to pin recipe upon … [Read more...]