A visit with the Lutherans

In my assignment as a public affairs director for my church, I was asked to attend a Holy Cross Lutheran meeting Sunday morning. One of our local congregations was holding a three-week Bible study course on Mormons and what we believe. Prompted by the presidential election and the possibility of having a Mormon as the Republican nominee, many members of the congregation were asking the pastor questions -- could they support a Mormon? Are Mormons Christian?  What would it mean to have a … [Read more...]

The Glad Game

So we're stuck in a hotel room waiting for some computer glitches to get worked out so that we can return home to Virginia. A good friend sold us some travel passes at a discounted rate that have turned out to be nothing but trouble since we started this trip. Not her fault, just one of those things. But remember that post I wrote about saying no to stress? http://wp.me/p1zHNf-jJ I'm trying to stay true to it. I've had some great opportunities to practice my say-no-to-stress … [Read more...]

Family of Four

Oh how I love my family of four.We just returned from a quick trip to Southern California to relive our first trip to Disneyland.This time we didn't chase princesses around with autograph books or listen to Sara sing her way through the "It's a Small World" ride in Fantasyland.But we did enjoy Splash Mountain.Although Annie doesn't look like it, she enjoyed it too.And could my mouth get any wider?Even though it's embarrassing to share such unflattering pictures of myself, I had to post it … [Read more...]


My Grandma Snow used to subscribe to every magazine imaginable. After she read them, she stacked them up and gave them away to her friends and visitors. So often after I visited her I went home with a stack of magazines. I usually thumbed through them and took the Reader’s Digest vocabulary tests and the personality quizzes in the women’s magazines. The slick covers were always so enticing, but the stories inside rarely lived up to their headline hype. So I’ve always been a … [Read more...]

Rock Star Wife

Last week Doug came home from work and rushed outside to mow the lawn, hoping he'd have time to finish it before our dinner guests arrived. However, halfway through the mowing, our guests arrived, and Doug turned off the mower to greet them and come in for dinner. He planned to finish it the next day but ran out of time. This happened for a few days in a row. I thought about helping him out but, honestly, I didn't want to mow the lawn. Here comes the whining… I don't like lawn … [Read more...]