Doing More isn’t Being More

Several years ago, Oprah recommended a book called A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. She even held an online class to tell the world about it because she thought it was such an important book to help us awaken to our life’s purpose. I studied that book carefully because it reflected many of my personal and religious beliefs. But when I recommended it to Doug, he raised his eyebrows all funny at me like I’d fallen into some rolling river of philosophical weirdness. Basically, the book is … [Read more...]

The Visiting Culture

When I grew up, we visited. My grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins, and family friends dropped in unexpectedly just to visit. No food, no elaborate parties, no e-vites or complicated scheduling, just drop-in visits. When guests showed up, we stopped what we were doing and sat down to visit. On sunny days, we sat on the patio or on lawn chairs under a shade tree and visited. On cold days, we sat around the kitchen table or in the living room, and visited. As the visit ended, … [Read more...]

Stress? Me? Never.

I joined a new gym a few days after Christmas because I needed a workout makeover. The gym offered workout sessions with personal trainers to lure new members. Eager to rock my resolutions, I signed up for the personal training sessions before the New Year even arrived. With pen and paper, my trainer, Irene, asked me about my goals, my health, and my stress levels. “How would you rank your stress on a scale from one to ten?”” “I don’t have any stress,” I told her without pause. “Okay,” … [Read more...]