Anybody Want a Dog?

Do dogs get more mischievous as they age? When Nikki was an energetic, jumping puppy, I asked a dog-loving friend if he would ever mellow. "When he's old.  He'll just lay around and stay out of trouble." That was over 10 years ago and Nikki is still living the jumping, energetic puppy life. He's like the Peter Pan of dogs, never wanting to grow up. His new favorite game is to stand on his hind legs, wedge his sharp little claws into the pull-out cupboard where we keep the trash can, and … [Read more...]

The Greatest Love

As I listened to friends and colleagues discuss Whitney Houston’s life and premature death there were two recurring themes. First, she was universally loved and admired for her amazing musical talent. “Pure music royalty,” one person said. “Her voice will never be forgotten,” said another. And, “Her voice was the perfect combination of richness, intensity, and brilliance.” They spoke of her loveable personality, her hometown roots, her devotion to Christ and her church, her work … [Read more...]

Emma Lou, I’m so glad I found you

I discovered a treasured gem in my e-mail inbox. It was a link to a story written by one of my favorite writers – Emma Lou Thayne. I clicked on the link to the Huffington Post and discovered Emma Lou writes a religion blog. “How did I not know this?” I said aloud, waking up Nikki who was sleeping peacefully by my feet. “How did I not know she blogged?  How am I not a follower?” I clicked through her blogs and then googled (love that verb) her name and discovered that not only … [Read more...]