Voices in my head

I have a voice in my head. It talks to me all the time. It tells me what to do and what not to do. Sometimes it dictates what I think. I order it to pipe down sometimes but it refuses. It pops up like those little Whack-a-moles at Chuck e Cheese. I pound its little head down and it just keeps popping up again. Maybe I need a bigger hammer. Or maybe I need to listen. The voice haunting me is my friend Millie's. Millie is a personal trainer and weight management … [Read more...]

Soaking it in…

Friday night we went to the airport to pick up Annie who came home for Christmas. We got the added bonus of picking up Marcie, a family friend who will be staying with us until Christmas Eve. (Her parents are mission presidents in Columbia. We're excited to Skype with them on Christmas Eve!) Saturday, we went back to pick up Sara. Both times, turned into a Hometown Herndon party at the airport as we stood with all the other excited parents waiting to welcome our college students … [Read more...]


My friend Christy posted this story on Facebook.It's written by her sister, Katie, who is fighting brain cancer. Katie published this beautiful piece on Rockcreekconservancy.org. I love her perspective and her brilliant way of facing her challenge. She has found a positive way not only to cope but to notice the beauty around her and be inspired by it. It reminds me of my daughter Annie's favorite quote by Anne Frank, "Think of all the beauty around you and be happy!" Go … [Read more...]

My friend Amy

  Should I choose pink polish or clear? I wondered as I sat at the nail technician’s station last spring for a manicure. As I pondered my shallow conundrum, the salon door swung open and a frail looking petite woman entered the room and threw her tiny arms around another nail technician’s neck.  “Oh, it’s so good to see you,” she said in a vibrant voice that defied her waif-like frame. She sat next to me and introduced herself as Amy. We talked about everything from our nail … [Read more...]

More Adventures with Nikki

When we go out-of-town, our good friends, Mike and Ginger, and their family take care of Nikki for us. Several years ago, when we first took him there, Doug said, “If you have to put him down, here’s the vet’s number.” “What? Why would we have to put him down?” Ginger asked, aghast. “Well, you never know what could happen,” Doug said, trying to make a joke out of it. Not a very funny joke, but it shows the seriousness of good doggie day care. You never know what the dog … [Read more...]