True Soul Sista Love

When my sister Sallie was born, I thought she was mine. At least I wanted her to be mine. After two brothers, a nearly all-boy neighborhood, and a town full of boy cousins, I was overjoyed to have a sister. I'm not sure what I expected. With eight years between us, the age gap seemed too wide for us to be friends. It seemed especially wide when I was in high school and she was still in elementary school.   But as we became adults, the chasm narrowed And the years didn't … [Read more...]

Hometown Friends

I’m sitting in a log cabin in Park City, Utah watching a bird hop from branch to branch on the snow-covered pine tree outside my window. For the first time since I arrived 16 hours ago, the house is quiet. My group of eleven high school friends finally stopped laughing and visiting and fell asleep at 4 a.m. I’m the first one awake because my body clock runs on Eastern Standard Time. Most of us became friends in middle school or earlier, drawn together by our love of laughter and having … [Read more...]

The Mormon Moment

The most commonly asked question in Washington, D.C. is, “Where are you from?” When I say I’m from Utah, the natural follow-up question is, “Are you Mormon?” When I say yes, I feel a yellow sticky note coming directly toward my forehead – bam, you’re one of those! I’m never sure what’s written on that sticky note but based on the questions I’ve been asked and the news articles I’ve read, I can make some pretty good guesses. A saleslady recently asked me about one of my purchases, … [Read more...]

Happy Anniversary

On Saturday, Doug and I will celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. Indulge me while I reminisce… and perhaps get a little schmaltzy. Our three years of on and off dating (mostly off and mostly my fault.. okay, all my fault) nearly drove him away from me but he hung in there and finally surprised me by proposing to me while we were on a White House tour. I had relatives in town and asked a friend, Teresa, who worked for Vice President Bush to take us on a tour, and I invited Doug to join … [Read more...]

We Done Good

 Last April, the leaders of our church asked the 14 million LDS members around the world to devote a day of service to the community to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the church's welfare program. Our stake (like a geographic division of members) sponsored a food drive along with a 5k race, a one-mile stroll, and a kid’s 100-yard dash to help LINK Against Hunger, a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization in our community. All the usual worries popped up. Will anybody come? Will we get … [Read more...]