Anger Management 101

I'm practicing anger management as I deal with my insurance company. I'm not sure whether it's working, but I'm trying. After August's hurricane Irene storms, I noticed four damp spots on the ceiling in our master bedroom. Since several "storm chasing" contractors canvassed our neighborhood after the storm and left literature on my door, I called one of them to inspect our roof. Fernando, the insurance claim specialist, climbed up on the roof, took at least 20 pictures of our roof damage, … [Read more...]

Back Door Friends

Yesterday I celebrated my 50-something birthday. (I stopped counting after 50 because they're piling up too fast.) While I was in the shower, Nikki burst out into the hallway barking uncontrollably. Someone is in my house, I thought, beginning to panic. Then I heard a chorus of friends singing "Happy Birthday." Tracey, Erin, and Trina were serenading me on my birthday while I was still in my birthday suit. Surely they would not come upstairs into the bathroom and continue this singing. Would … [Read more...]

My Empty Nest

My empty nest. No more back-to-school-nights, field hockey tournaments, spirit packs, and games. No church youth meetings. No sweaty girls lounging on the couch and eating snacks after field hockey practice. No black bits of turf field ground into the carpet. No jerseys, UnderArmour, and uniforms drying all over the house. No team dinners. No Bachelorette! No waiting up on weekends for kids to come home. No Homecoming float to build. No Homecoming banner to carry in the … [Read more...]


I consider myself a savvy suburban woman when I walk on the wooded trails behind my house. I've taken self-defense classes and know about looking people in the eyes, holding my head high, and not listening to my ipod when I'm alone. I know about people being trampled by deer, and women being assaulted. So my danger antenna is up, in a healthy sort of cautionary way, not a paranoid pansy way. Until I see a mouse. Then I freeze. My courage is sapped. Suddenly, I am my … [Read more...]